Every Scottish Romance Author’s Dream: Hanging with Sam Heughan

As a former educator, I simply can't resist the urge to administer a short quiz to my Scottish romance fans. So here goes:

The (relatively) young lady in the images below:

a. is unfazed by the fact that Sam Heughan's hand is around her waist.

b. could not offer her own name if asked at the time the photo was taken.


If you guessed “B,” give yourself a gold star.

As a Scottish historical romance author, I was in a unique position last week. Sam–we're on a first-name basis after an extremely lengthy 5-minute conversation about my books, Scotland and his tenure as a Barbour ambassador–is, of course, Sam Heughan from Outlander on Starz.

At this point, you likely fall into one of two groups.

1. OMG. Why are you standing with James Alexander Malcolm Montgomery Fraiser?

Simple. Vera Sweeney is the single greatest human being in the world and facilitated this unparalleled moment as Sam launched his collection for Barbour. As their global brand ambassador, his partnership culminated this year in a line of waxed jackets, city sweaters, and fitted button-down shirts like the shirt Sam is wearing in the above image. Just get to know Vera and magically, good things will happen to you.

In any case, this group *gets it.* They understand the monumental nature of these photos and will be giving his new collection a hard look. They know items such as the sexy jacket picture below will take them one step closer to falling through those legendary stones.

sam heughan scottish

Behind the scenes at the Sam Heughan by Barbour launch at Macy's NYC

2. Group #2. “Wow, he's pretty cute.” 

Pretty cute? A friend of mine (former friend) actually uttered those words. Listen, if you don't watch Outlander or enjoy reading Scottish romance, that's fine. Maybe you don't have Starz or don't like to watch a massively handsome and talented Scotsman who occasionally takes off his shirt on TV. (If this is the case, you likely don't read the Border Series either which is an entirely different sort of travesty.) But those in this camp can surely recognize the ingenious of Barbour to recruit Sam for the single greatest partnership ever according to the Heughligans (Sam Heughan super-fans.) This group must understand the appeal of a line of clothing that is just one plane ride removed from feeling like they've been thrust into the Scottish Highlands.

Whichever group you fall into, just please remember one thing. If you ever find yourself thrust up against the single most spectacular spokesman in the history of any clothing line ever, despite his charming personality and devastatingly good looks, you can still speak. Just prepare yourself with answers to seemingly easy questions such as, “What is the title of your most recent book,” and all will be well.

Think I'm exaggerating? Walk into a room to this and see how you fare…

Sam Heughan's signature collection is available in stores and online at Macy’s, as well as in Barbour retail stores. Sam himself is less available but if you're a verra lucky lassie, you just never know.

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