Poll: Why do you love Highlander romance heros?

I have a confession.

Technically, I do not write Highlanders. The Border Series is set along the Anglo-Scottish borders, so heros like the Toren, chief of Clan Kerr, do not speak with a Scottish brogue. In fact, he doesn't even wear a kilt (gasp!) which comes along a few hundred years after my stories in the 13th century. And yet, everyone refers to them as Highlanders, and I myself imagine Toren and Alex in a kilt while I'm writing. This is the beauty of historical romance. With s sprinkle of historical fiction and a healthy dose of romance, the books aim to entertain, transport readers back to another time and place and, despite the fact that my Scottish heroes would have been more like their English neighbors to the south their their northern brethren, the idea of a Highland hero persists.

Which leads me to wonder, what is it exactly about these Highlander heroes anyway?

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    1. I have all your books so far and always looking forward to them. I buy them for my book buddy also for I don’t want her to miss them. “Ladies of the Stone” “The Protector’s Promise” was wonderful and as usual a keeper. I will be writing a review on this one and others. I just got my rights to write reviews again on Amazon. They said I was to nice and they think I know you guys personally. After over 4 months they said they were sorry. I did speak my mind. I told them I have been reading over 35 years and buy the kind of books I like reading.

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