The Best Paranormal Books You Need to Know About

I’ve teamed up with some amazing paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors to share the best paranormal books you need to know about.

These are personalized recommendations of our all-time favorite paranormal reads.


I know this will come as a shocker that my favorite one isn’t about vampires, but I absolutely loved Elementals by Michelle Madow. I don’t think I’ve ever read through a series so quickly. Normally, I’m a slow reader. But I couldn’t put it down.

It’s about the teenage descendants of Greek gods who also have elemental magic. They have to team up to unravel an ancient prophecy and save the world.

It’s fast-paced and filled with action and romance – everything I could want in a series. It’s a really fun read!

Submitted by L. DanversAuthor of Blood Heirs


I adore the Covencraft series by Margarita Gakis. In her world, witches are ruled by covens and not allowed to be independent of them. Most are reared within the system and have their magic honed and guided. Her MC, Jade, was born outside the system and discovers her magic as an adult. She’s forced to join the local coven, and as an independent person who has survived some pretty dark stuff, she resists this tooth and nail. But her powers are immense and she is a danger to herself and others if she doesn’t learn how to control them. Fabulous series that neatly balances dramatic action with humor. (Huh, I should go leave a review somewhere…)McKenna Dean,Author of Snowfall


The Fever Series. It’s not only dark and sexy, it has a murder to elucidate, and the heroine changes so much along the way that she becomes almost unrecognizable. And the romance is deliciously slow-burn, which I love.
Anya J Cosgrove,Author of Lost Boy


I love the Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian. It was my first taste of paranormal romance, and I devoured them!

Carrie Pulkinen,Author of Sweet Release


I enjoyed this PNR series: Afterlight: The Dark Ink Chronicles by author Elle Jasper.

Sherry Soule,Author of Witchy Wickedness

My favorite is my first. I came to paranormal romance through True Blood, and while not a pure PNR, I went back to read Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris and my love of vampires was born!

Cecelia Mecca,Author of The Healer’s Curse 

Want to check out these books for yourself?

Here is a gallery of the books recommended above:

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