Inspiration for The Hunter’s Affection: Bloodwite Book 3

When writing the first book in my paranormal vampire romance series, I started at the very beginning, 700 years ago along the Anglo-Scottish border. After writing the origin story, The Healer's Curse, and jumping into the series with books one and two, I knew the youngest Derrickson brother would get his story next. I also knew, as the baby of the family, he was the rule breaker. A playboy vampire who enjoys the power and wealth of being one of the first vampires. One who looks kind of like this:

Who to pair with someone like Torr? How about a straight-laced rule-follower, an English teacher (something I know a bit about) and one of Alessandra and Toni's best friends. Enter Charlotte O'Neill, originally from South Carolina who none would imagine is desperately trying to regain what her family lost before moving to Pennsylvania, their good reputation. This southern charmer reminded me a bit of Lemon from Hart of Dixie which is who I pictured when writing The Hunter's Affection.

Next up, inspiration for Lawrence and Toni's bar. For that I turned to Bar 228 in Paris because who doesn't want their inspiration bar to look like one in Paris? I also did some very rigorous research for both The Vault and Noir Nights featured in the book which is based on an event at an actual bar in Scranton called Stage West. And by rigorous, I mean my husband and I drank some beers while learning ins and outs of owning and operating a bar.


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