Best Period Dramas If You’re a Historical Romance Fan

I’ve mentioned some of my favorite medieval TV shows to get your Game of Thrones fix, but what can you watch if you’re looking for historical fiction on the tube? Luckily there seems to be an explosion of period dramas in the past few years. Historical romance on screen is scarce, but if you’re like me, the appeal of the genre extends beyond the HEA on TV.

Check out now:

Victoria, Masterpiece PBS

 The Crown, Netflix


Not British but:

Vikings, History Channel


No castles but:

Peaky Blinders, Netflix


Oldie but goodies:

The Tudors, Showtime (Netflix)

The White Queen, Starz


Watch out for:

The White Princess, Starz


Did I miss any of your favorites?


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20 thoughts on “Best Period Dramas If You’re a Historical Romance Fan

  1. c a sill says:

    oh i loved the crown, the tudors & peeky blinders!! another good one was ripper st & , for me, penny dreadful!!

  2. Sandie McLean Schmelzle says:

    I watch the Vikings faithfully. Really enjoyed this season but will miss Ragnar. Will be interested to see where his sons go next. Love Lagatha, strong lady! Too bad we have to wait till next year for the next season.
    I have not watched any of the others but will now check them out on Netflix or on demand.

  3. Louisa says:

    My favourite period drama is still Pride and Prejudice the BBC version, my 11yr daughter was off school sick a couple of weeks ago and i made her sit through it all 😉
    Also i really enjoyed the Borgias with Jeremy Irons, lots of manipulation and underhanded tactics 😊

  4. Kyrstan Whitely says:

    Hi Cecelia! I don’t usually watch period dramas. In fact I only watch 3. Game of Thrones being my fave!! I would recommend Spartacus (Netflix) and Black Sails (Hulu) if you like gladiators or pirates! And of course if you haven’t watched them already! Both are awesome! The hubs absolutely loved Boardwalk Empire if you like crime dramas/gangsters!

    Hope it helps fill the gaps between adulting!

  5. Cherie says:

    I’ve been holding my breath waiting for Jamie to come back to me. The lady that jumped back in time and snared him away.(lol)
    The Outlander on HBO are just the first two seasons but the third is coming soon.
    Ps. I like the second pic in today’s newsletter. Long hair for me dreaming about Jamie. Ahhh!!!

  6. Helen says:

    There’s a few suggestions there that I would have recommended anyway. Since I live in the UK I’ve watched a few, Little Dorrit was out a while ago, I’m not sure if you can find it or not but it was brilliant!

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