Book News

Border Series Book 3

The Chief’s Maiden, book 3 in the Border Series is coming September 14, 2017. Toren Kerr’s story is currently in the proofreading stage, and ARC copies will be available in August for the Border Ambassadors. USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog had the exclusive cover reveal in August.

Border Series Book 4

Book #4 is well underway at approximately 40K words as of August 1st. The current goal for this one is December 2017. Who’s story is it? That’s still a secret but if you know my “Pinterest hack” you can find out pretty easily. Or just subscribe to be a CM Insider for the latest news.

Chai-Fueled Ideas

One of the questions I’m often asked is, “How many books will there be in the Border Series?” While I have no defined number in mind, I could easily see 10-12 in the series. I’m also considering a novella for Sir William. Do you remember him from The Thief’s Countess?