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Like Outlander? Try These.

I’m such a fan of Outlander that I once started a blog called Outlander Obsessed. Blogging since 2007, creating new sites was somewhat of a hobby for me until this little matter of becoming a historical romance author crept into my life. But I know as well as anyone how difficult between seasons and even between Sundays can be. So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite fixes for those who like Outlander. Be aware, however, that even though the show (novel) is not categorized as romance, I am unabashedly a romance fan. The relationship between Jamie and Claire is what keeps me coming back, so the following list will be decidedly romance-leaning.

outlander fans


The Highland Guard Series

I can already hear my friends groaning. “We know,” they’re thinking. “Enough about Monica McCarty,” they’ll say. OK, so I may be a fangirl, but in case you haven’t heard of this series, go out and buy the whole thing right now. Then come back to thank me later.



Oh dear. Researching images for this particular pick, I found an old board on Pinterest I’d forgotten about. So I may have started an Outlander Obsessed board with a Poldark pin I adore. In any case, Poldark is perfect for your mid-week Outlander hiatus.


The Tudors

Despite the fact that King Henry VIII is not a very nice protagonist, beheading one of his wives and all, The Tudors is absolutely my favorite historical period drama. Lots to look at (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and fall in love with here.



Laugh if you will, but I recently re-watched my #1 favorite movie of all time, and it’s still spectacular despite its historical inaccuracies. Hey, even our Scottish tour guide this summer said he loved the movie. Worth a re-watch.


My Friends

Any Scottish-lovers post would not be complete without a mention of my author friends (see, full disclosure) who are the best in the business. No, I’m not (terribly) biased. Check out Keira Montclair, Emma Prince, and Madeline Martin if you’re hunkering for a Scottish book boyfriend.


Last But Not Least…

Any article involving swoon-worthy heroes, strong female leads and the sweeping Scottish/English countryside must include the Border Series. If you haven’t checked them out just yet, either start with a .99 series-starter novella or the newest release, ‘The Chief’s Maiden,’ coming September 14th. And yes, these are mine.


Which of your favorite Outlander-like books, TV shows or movies did I miss?

Best Period Dramas If You’re a Historical Romance Fan

I’ve mentioned some of my favorite medieval TV shows to get your Game of Thrones fix, but what can you watch if you’re looking for historical fiction on the tube? Luckily there seems to be an explosion of period dramas in the past few years. Historical romance on screen is scarce, but if you’re like me, the appeal of the genre extends beyond the HEA on TV.

Check out now:

Victoria, Masterpiece PBS

 The Crown, Netflix


Not British but:

Vikings, History Channel


No castles but:

Peaky Blinders, Netflix


Oldie but goodies:

The Tudors, Showtime (Netflix)

The White Queen, Starz


Watch out for:

The White Princess, Starz


Did I miss any of your favorites?


Love Game of Thrones, Outlander or Peaky Blinders? Try These Books.

The following historical romance novel recommendations are based on the premise you’ve already read or watched Outlandar by Dianna Gabaldon and/or A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

Full disclosure . . . A Song of Ice and Fire happens to be one of my favorite book series of all-time so I’m extremely biased. However, if you’re a historical romance reader like myself, there’s a decent chance you’re looking for a quicker read or new authors recommendations.

Then You'll Love


Outlandar fans who haven’t read The Highland Guard series by Monica McCarty are missing out. I have nothing else to say on that matter.

Moving on, do you still think about Robb Stark? (For the record, Jon Snow is 100% not dead for good. I know this because I’m willing it to be. *Update* I was right!) Check out The Ransom by Julie Garwood. It’s by no means as bloody as Game of Thrones, but with a violent medieval element and plenty of bad guys, it’s a winner. And since it’s a romance novel, the HEA is firmly intact. AKA no Red Wedding.

Work with me on this one. While Defy Not the Heart by Johanna Lindsay is not set in Birmingham, nor is it about a street gang, you may be wondering how Peaky Blinders fits in. Early 20th century England may be very different than it’s medieval counterpart–I’m a sucker for medieval–but the two have one very important element in common. No one writes the alpha male like Ms. Lindsay, and no character on television is more of one than Tommy Shelby. It may seem a stretch, but I’m willing go out on a limb for this one.

Have you read any of these books or series? What recommendations would you give for historical romance readers and fans of the above mentioned shows? Find me @CeceliaMecca on Twitter or on Facebook to let me know what you think.

Happy Reading!