Which Border Series book do you like best?

Coming from Facebook? If you’ve not yet had a chance to read the Border Series–a historical romance set along the 13th century Anglo-Scottish border– check out the covers below and head back to the post to vote for your chance to win a Border Series box.



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5 Best Damon GIFs from The Vampire Diaries

I become slightly obsessed with shows and even created a Facebook show called Books & Binges which covers everything from The Vampire Diaries and True Blood to #FridayReads and other such book-related topics. So as I binge TVD and finally understand all of the Ian Somerholder fuss, I am also dipping my toes into vampire romance books for the first time.



In researching said books, I came across a Damon Salvatore GIF and then, like any good rabbit holes, I ended up on GIFHY when I probably should have been writing. Alas, all is well since that search has enabled me to bring you the five best Damon Salvatore GIFs and my own first attempt to create one. Though the top pic is a bit dark, it is my very first GIF ever!

His expressions though…





And my #1 favorite…


Which one do you like best? Chances are if you love Damon and TVD you may also read vampire romance. If so, comment with any recommends and sign up here to connect with other PNR-loving readers.

The Warrior’s Queen is now available on Amazon & in Kindle Unlimited

Last week the sixth book in the Border Series released as a #1 bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon, and I could not be happier. This story is special to me, the hero, one of my all-time favorites. Graeme was spurned twice–once by Catrina who ended up with Graeme, and the second time in The Earl’s Entanglement.

I’ve also just released a new bonus to go along with the book, so if you are a CM Insider, either navigate to the ‘Border Bonus’ link or look for it in your next newsletter. Here’s a little sample:

Some readers worry about jumping into the 6th book in a series, but each Border Series book can be read as a standalone. Fans of Scottish romance, medieval romance set in England and Scotland and forced marriage stories will especially interested in this particular tale of two people who are caught in one passionate kiss that changes everything. The tagline:

A stolen kiss. A forced marriage. Can a Scottish chief and English lady learn to love each other?

Readers can grab ‘The Warrior’s Queen’ for $2.99 during release week and then at $3.99 on Amazon. For those in Kindle Unlimited, simply navigate over and start reading! And don’t forget to let me know what you think.


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Poll: Why do you love Highlander romance heros?

I have a confession.

Technically, I do not write Highlanders. The Border Series is set along the Anglo-Scottish borders, so heros like the Toren, chief of Clan Kerr, do not speak with a Scottish brogue. In fact, he doesn’t even wear a kilt (gasp!) which comes along a few hundred years after my stories in the 13th century. And yet, everyone refers to them as Highlanders, and I myself imagine Toren and Alex in a kilt while I’m writing. This is the beauty of historical romance. With s sprinkle of historical fiction and a healthy dose of romance, the books aim to entertain, transport readers back to another time and place and, despite the fact that my Scottish heroes would have been more like their English neighbors to the south their their northern brethren, the idea of a Highland hero persists.

Which leads me to wonder, what is it exactly about these Highlander heroes anyway?

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Ladies of the Stone: A Scottish Romance Anthology is Now LIVE!

Look what Amazon is published while I was sleeping. My contribution, ‘The Protector’s Promise,’ is a Border Series novella and tells the story of Sir William who we met at Kenshire Castle in ‘The Thief’s Countess.’ It was such fun working with these other amazing authors. Grab the anthology now before the price goes up next week!


Buy Links

Amazon Kindle: https://amzn.to/2HiMB0p 
Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1355746527
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/ladies-of-the-stone-a
B&N: https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1128111864


From within the soul of a special stone, the embodiment of the heart of Scotland, a protector is selected. A woman with a pure heart and the ferocity of a warrior is called to the fairy pools on the Isle of Skye upon the death of the previous protector. However, nature has a way of balancing itself, and so with each call to a Protector comes the call of an evil force, set on using the stone for their own purpose. These are the stories of the Protectors of the Heart of Scotland, the stone they seek to keep safe and the love that strengthens and emboldens them.

THE PROTECTOR’S PROMISE by Cecelia Mecca Two bitter enemies. One sacred vow. Will the passion that flares between them consume everything they love?

THE HIGHLANDER’S QUEST by Eliza Knight Her mission was to protect the young boy king. He’s uncovered a plot to destroy Scotland. Together, they must fight a powerful enemy who hides behind a traitorous veil of secrecy…

CASSANDRA by Madeline Martin Together their power is brilliant. But when destiny rivals the safety of family and the whole of Scotland hangs in the balance, can their love survive the required sacrifice?

THE HIGHLAND GUARD AND HIS LADY by Lori Ann Bailey To protect Scotland, she must eliminate her greatest enemy. But when the challenge begins, will he forgive her for destroying his family?

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  1. I have read all these books and have them. Yes Medieval will always be my favorite time to read. You didn’t have Secret by Julie Garwood in this group of books. I was wondering if you have a P>O> Box so I could get you to sign my book labels for your books I bought of yours. I really would appreciate it.

    • Hi Debi…I LOVE The Secret and actually just re-read it recently. I will email you on the label. So glad you found my books and enjoyed!

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