Manspiration GIFs: These Historical Romance Readers Rock

This is why the Border Ambassadors are the #1 group of historical romance readers.

jon snow gif


I asked them in The Chief’s Maiden Pre-Launch Party for manspiration GIFs for future books.

And boy, did they deliver…

jamie from outlander gif


And then a Border Series reader independently left this on our Manspiration challenge post:

jamie from outlander gif
So basically the Border Ambassadors + Border Series readers = Ultimate Hot Guy (Manspiration) Finders. If I was still in the classroom, I’d give Ann, Jen and Maggie gold stars. Unfortunately, some of the other “finds” are not PG-13 rated. Otherwise, Tina would get an A++ for this assignment.

Become a CM Insider to find out more about the very difficult job of finding new hero inspiration for Border Series books including a secret Pinterest page of future manspiration picks.

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