Reader’s Top 5 Favorite Quotes from The Earl’s Entanglement

It’s been 24 hours since the latest Border Series book is out, and I can hardly sleep. I love this book and am over the moon with the response, thankful readers love reading Garrick and Emma as must as I enjoyed writing them. Readers have been sharing their favorite quotes and moments from the book, and here are my top ten favorites so far:

5. Heat shot through her like a leather horse whip. It came from nowhere but consumed everything, its effects utterly unavoidable.

4. But a life without risk was a life not worth living at all.

3. Emma wanted to live. Every moment. Every day. Each night she lay in her bed and imagined how she could eke out a bit more joy the next day—for one thing her parents’ early death had taught her was that there may not be a next day. Before she’d gone to the market on that fateful day, her mother had kissed her cheek and said, “Until later, my love.” Later had never come.

2. Audentes fortuna iuvat. Those words were inscribed on the wall behind the lord and lady’s table in the hall and engraved in both his shield and his father’s. It was more than a family motto. His father had lived by it. Garrick had sought to do so as well. And if fortune truly favored the bold, he would make Emma Waryn his wife.

And the #1 most loved quote from ‘The Earl’s Entanglement’ is:

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