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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

I’ve teamed up with other historical romance authors to bring your our top book lover’s picks just in time for some holiday shopping. Enjoy!

1. Kindle Oasis $249.99

The new Kindle Oasis is the e-reader we’ve been waiting for, and it’s already been added to my Christmas list. Waterproof with built-in Audible, this 8GB WiFi-enabled reader will allow you to read your favorite historical romance novels in comfort and style.

Contributed by Cecelia Mecca, author of Medieval Romance

2. Purple Agate Bookends $32

Make your bookcase stand out with these gorgeous agate bookends, adding to the gems that you already have on your shelves. There are a variety of colors and RockParadise often runs a holiday discount.

Contributed by Emily Murdoch, author of Medieval, Regency, and Western historical romances

3. Literary Scarves $48

Get all wrapped up in a classic story and show some literary love with these bookish infinity scarves. Choose between Pride & Prejudice, Jane Eyre, or Alice in Wonderland.

4. The Book Seat $40

Fed up getting cold hands holding your book in bed at night? Or do heavy books make your fingers sore? The Book Seat hands-free book holder is the perfect answer! Prop your book – or eReader – on the beanbag and the only time you’ll need to move a finger is to turn the page!

Contributed by Belle McInnes, author of Scottish historical romance

5. Literary Gifts for Book Lovers and Readers $18-45

Jewelry becomes even more romantic with inscriptions of popular book quotes. A favorite is a necklace etched with Mr. Darcy’s proposal to Elizabeth Bennett. There are many handcrafted pieces of jewelry with a variety of quotes to choose from.

Contributed by Ellie St. Clair, author of Regency romance

6. Bordeaux Journal $13

These stunning gilded journals make a beautiful gift for any book lover. From Peter Pauper Press: “Luminous detailing in the forms of iridescent and gold foil highlights and gilded-gold page edging make this lovely journal shine.”

Gift idea from Ashley Merrick, author of sweet western historical romance

7. There’s Always Time for Tea$12.50

The idea of “tea time” is a luxurious concept, but it needn’t take an hour or be accompanied by a fox hunt. Treat yourself to a daily dose of antiquity with this literary set of 25 teabags. Each English Breakfast teabag is individually tagged with beloved quotes from your favorite authors.

Gift idea from K. C. Bateman, author of Regency Historical ‘Secrets & Spies’ series

8. Bookworm Necklace $32

Featuring the quote every historical romance reader self-identifies with, this gorgeous, simple necklace is handmade in England. “She is too fond of books, and it has turned her mind.” And yes – the artist offers it in both gold and silver, and even has a few other famous literary quotes available!

Gift idea from Jamaila Brinkley, author of historical fantasy romance

9. ‘All Those Who Wander’ Art Print $12.99

Take a book quote and early 20th-century dictionary pages out of the book and onto the wall with these prints from Vintage Art Co. I love the quotes, but images are also available! Each print is one of a kind.

Audrey Adair  is the author of Scottish and time travel Historical Romance

10. Border Series Swag Price Varies

I’d be remiss not to mention my own shop complete with “Declare Your Allegiance” tees and mugs with sayings “Non Ducor Duco” (Hallington family motto) which translates to “I am not lad. I lead.”


What amazing gifts for book lovers are we missing?

Like Outlander? Try These.

I’m such a fan of Outlander that I once started a blog called Outlander Obsessed. Blogging since 2007, creating new sites was somewhat of a hobby for me until this little matter of becoming a historical romance author crept into my life. But I know as well as anyone how difficult between seasons and even between Sundays can be. So I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite fixes for those who like Outlander. Be aware, however, that even though the show (novel) is not categorized as romance, I am unabashedly a romance fan. The relationship between Jamie and Claire is what keeps me coming back, so the following list will be decidedly romance-leaning.

outlander fans


The Highland Guard Series

I can already hear my friends groaning. “We know,” they’re thinking. “Enough about Monica McCarty,” they’ll say. OK, so I may be a fangirl, but in case you haven’t heard of this series, go out and buy the whole thing right now. Then come back to thank me later.



Oh dear. Researching images for this particular pick, I found an old board on Pinterest I’d forgotten about. So I may have started an Outlander Obsessed board with a Poldark pin I adore. In any case, Poldark is perfect for your mid-week Outlander hiatus.


The Tudors

Despite the fact that King Henry VIII is not a very nice protagonist, beheading one of his wives and all, The Tudors is absolutely my favorite historical period drama. Lots to look at (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and fall in love with here.



Laugh if you will, but I recently re-watched my #1 favorite movie of all time, and it’s still spectacular despite its historical inaccuracies. Hey, even our Scottish tour guide this summer said he loved the movie. Worth a re-watch.


My Friends

Any Scottish-lovers post would not be complete without a mention of my author friends (see, full disclosure) who are the best in the business. No, I’m not (terribly) biased. Check out Keira Montclair, Emma Prince, and Madeline Martin if you’re hunkering for a Scottish book boyfriend.


Last But Not Least…

Any article involving swoon-worthy heroes, strong female leads and the sweeping Scottish/English countryside must include the Border Series. If you haven’t checked them out just yet, either start with a .99 series-starter novella or the newest release, ‘The Chief’s Maiden,’ coming September 14th. And yes, these are mine.


Which of your favorite Outlander-like books, TV shows or movies did I miss?

England and Scotland and Ireland…Oh My!

It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to visit the castles that I read and write about. A trip to the English and Scottish countryside, as a medieval romance author, was truly magical. Even more so since my family took a Disney Cruise around the British Isles ensuring the kiddos even enjoyed themselves on the ship after a long day of castle and history hunting.

Some of the highlights including standing with one foot in England and the other in Scotland in the very place where the Border Series takes place: Northumberland, England. We also visited the Scottish Highlands and the castle which inspired Kenshire Castle in The Thief’s Countess, Bamburg.

With only a brief stop in Dublin, I, unfortunately, did not have the opportunity to discover much of Ireland, and the cruise did not visit Wales, but our time in the English countryside including the inspiration for Hogwarts, Alnwick Castle, as well as some amazing towns such as one of my favorites, Salisbury, was truly a dream come true.

The video below hardly does such an amazing trip justice, but it’s a small taste of a most spectacular place on the planet that I hope to someday visit again.