Vote Now on the Next Border Series Tee

The next book in the Border Series, The Scot’s Secret, is coming November 6, 2017. The heroine’s family motto “Non ducor, docu” which means “I am not led. I lead” will be the basis for our next t-shirt design. But the designs are too amazing to choose from. Which would you be most likely to grab on Amazon when they become available?

5 thoughts on “Vote Now on the Next Border Series Tee

  1. Linda B says:

    I like the print for design c, but I, personally, do not wear t-shirts unless they have a lower cut neck, v-neck or scoop neck. As a person of shorter stature (just over five foot), I need a neckline that elongates and a shirt that is not too long in length. It seems all shirts these days are super long, made for a skinny, rail shape! When you create a shirt, could you keep shorter, non toothpick figures in mind? Thanks for reading my rant!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I too prefer V neck shirts, but I like them medium length, to cover my generous behind, lol. Looking forward to seeing what design you settle on. I like “C”.

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