The Mercenary and Monica McCarty

scottish historical romance


My readers know that I am a massive Monica McCarty fan. Having taken a break from romance for a spell after spending years with the likes of Johanna Lindsey, Judith McNaught and Jude Devereux on my nightstand, I picked up the first book in her Highland Guard series for a beach vacation one summer. I knew nothing of the author and still do not remember exactly how I found her.

But I was instantly hooked.

The old generation of medieval romance novels left me with high expectations as I jumped back into the genre. And McCarty delivered. A combination of historical accuracy, well-developed characters worth caring about laced from beginning to end with sexual tension and a healthy dose of sexy scenes left me flying through the series.

Years later, in 2017, I fulfilled a life-long dream and became a romance author myself. As I'm about to release book #17 and the second in a new series called Order of the Broken Blade, this medieval historical romance, The Mercenary, just received one of the highest compliments this author could possibly receive as an Amazon review.

If you are a lover of Monica McCarty books you will love Cecelia Mecca’s books they are that good!!

And now, my life is complete.

If I could buy the reviewer a drink, wrap my arms around her and say thank you, I would do it. She may not realize how deeply I respect the attorney-turned novelist and her unique brand of Scottish romance novels. But for me, though this book is out less than one day, it is already a success. I'm both humbled and grateful to be able to make a living dreaming up swoon-worthy heroes like mercenary Guy Lavallis. To create a character that another reviewer says (about Lady Sabine), “I want to be her best friend.”

Game. Over.

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