Sexy Scot Author Insight


Greyson McCaim, from modern New Orleans, is tossed back to medieval Scotland where he meets Lady Marian, daughter of the Earl of Fenwall. Unable to explain his pecularities, Greyson finally decides to tell her the truth.

Author Insight:

Writing my first time travel romance, Falling for the Knight, I realized one of the challenges of this particular genre was being able to reconcile the unbelievability of time travel. Frankly, it gets in the way of the romance.

In Sexy Scot, I decided to circumnavigate that awkwardness by having Marian cope with such a claim using humor. Instead of running for the hills, she laughs him off. Marian chooses to believe he's teasing her, refusing to answer her questions sincerely.

This allowed me to develop their relationship while at the same time not quite reconciling the truth which, in my opinion, would be a difficult sell– believing someone is truly from the future.

So what will Greyson say to finally convince her? Find out March 31st when Sexy Scot releases on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited. Subscribe to chat with Greyson for an extended sneak peek here.