Author Insight for Scandalous Scot


Ian McCaim, from modern-day New Orleans, is tossed back to medieval Scotland where he meets Lady Màiri and manages to get himself into trouble almost immediately. This is from Scandalous Scot, Chapter 20.

Author Insight:

I choose this section to illustrate one of my absolute favorite things about writing a time travel in this Highlander's Through Time series. I enjoy putting myself in the mind of a person who suddenly finds themselves in the midst of a war between kings, a time when bow practice was mandatory and clan rivalries very real.

In the last paragraph, Ian prepares to meet his grandfather. Creating a cast of characters for this series who weave through each book mean Julie and I coordinated continually, at times on a daily basis. We also were intent from the beginning to root the story amidst a backdrop of real history choosing a time before Robert the Bruce came to power.

This one page represents a balance between my own vision for Scottish time travel and the shared one Julie and I blended together for the series along with more than a sprinkling of history and, of course, love.

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