When a few readers asked for a map of the Isle of Meria after The King’s Commander, I said I would look into it. And I did. Without a clear plan to get one completed, My Highland Bride was released to more questions of, “Can we have a map, please?” Enter the uber talented Tanya Anne Crosby who shared her map-making wisdom with me. Thanks to her and a pretty cool program which I’ve gotten lost in this past week, a map depicting Murwood End and the Kingdoms of Meria and Edingham, in addition to the ill-fated Galmouth Bay and the mountains of the Highlanders where the tournament of Loigh took place is nearly complete.

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What else would you like to see on this Merian map? Leave a comment to let me know and I may be able to add it!



  • Love the map! Would you please put a legend and mark some of the noteworthy places in the stories, ie Sailor’s Inn, Anbarth Castle, the rock where Vanni and Aedre meet, Nord Manor, etc. (i’ve just started My Highland Bride, so don’t know what’s noteworthy from this book yet!). Thanks!!

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