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The Earl

Conrad Saint-Clair may have started a rebellion against the king, but he is powerless against the woman he loved and lost.

The Order of the Broken Blade finally has the support it needs to succeed, to curb King John’s outrageous behavior, or so Conrad hopes. They have waited all winter for the king to respond to their demands. With their rebellion on the cusp of success—or utter failure—the last thing on Conrad’s mind is romance. Which is why he is completely blindsided when the only woman he’s ever loved, his friend’s sister, shows up on his doorstep.

Years ago, Cait Kennaugh was brutally attacked by a king’s man at the Tournament of the North. Her brother Terric and three other young men banded together to save her.

Conrad, then a handsome earl’s son, wielded the sword that killed her attacker. 

A bond formed between the boys that day, one that culminated in their rebellious order, but it wasn’t the only connection forged by the traumatic experience. Cait and Conrad began corresponding, unbeknownst to her brother, opening their hearts to each other in their letters—until Cait stopped writing.

Fear drove Cait from the man she loves, and she’s desperate to reclaim him. But will the earl risk opening his heart to her again, while his rebellion hangs in the balance?