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A Clan of Her Own

Book two in a brand new series!

Captured. Imprisoned. Prepared to die.


Galien Kerr knew supporting William Wallace could someday get him killed, but it seemed someday might come sooner than he imagined. Sitting in an English dungeon with little chance of release, a flicker of hope emerged from the darkness.

The baron’s daughter. (Or the Baron of Anbarth’s daughter. Or The English baron’s daughter.)

Lady Reina proposed a trade to the handsome, fiery-eyed prisoner. His life for information about her past. Releasing him would certainly incur the wrath of her father and their king, but leaving him in a dungeon cell would not reveal the secrets she so desperately longed to uncover.

An uneasy bargain was forged.

On their journey north, to the safety of Galien’s clan, his allegiance to Scottish independence cause and the emerging truth about Reina’s past threaten to unravel the budding lovers’ bond as they are forced together. . . and torn apart.

Thirty years after the Border Series ends, a new saga of family, loyalty, and love along the turbulent Anglo-Scottish border begins.