The Rogue’s Redemption Cover Reveal & Giveaway

Be the first to see ‘The Rogue’s Redemption’ cover featuring the baddest Border Series bad boy, Reid Kerr. Though the most fun hero I’ve written to date, Reid also gave me as much trouble as he did our heroine, Lady Allie. In a word, Reid is a bit of an arse as his brother Graeme likes to call him. And yet, redeeming him was so much fun. So how is a Scottish warrior known for his attitude brought to his knees by a sheltered Englishwoman?

Find out on October 18, 2018.


He thought himself irredeemable. She knew the truth.

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The perfect recipe for an enemies to lovers romance

With The Protector’s Promise releasingtoday, I thought it a good time to discuss one of my favorite romance genres–the enemies to lovers romance. In book two of the Border Series, the two warring families, Clan Kerr and the Waryns, clash in epic fashion when Brockburg Manor is taken back by Bryce Waryn and Catrina Kerr is taken captive. And though many of the tensions from the Border Series books arise from divided loyalties and the turbulent nature of the 13th century Anglo-Scottish border, this book truly pitted two enemies against each other.

And now, because this is one of my favorite tropes, I’ve done it again.

Toss together an English knight, a Scottish lady and a magical stone which can control the fate of Scotland, and we have ourselves an old-fashioned enemies to lovers romance like none other. Sir William (aka “Court”) needs that stone to take the only remaining obstacle between he and the only thing he’s ever wanted, a title and land of his own. Unfortunately for him, Lady Marion needs that stone to protect her homeland; Scotland’s fate depends on it. With a slight touch of magic and one magical unchaperoned trip from the Isle of Skye in Scotland to the wilds of Northumbria, ‘The Protector’s Promise’ delivers what every enemies to lovers romance demands–tension, passion and a wee bit of adventure as well.

In case you’re considering creating your own enemies to lovers romance, here’s the recipe I used. Enjoy! And don’t forget to grab The Protector’s Promise on Amazon for a special .99 release week price. As always, it’s in Kindle Unlimited as well.

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Celebrating release week with a signed paperback giveaway

With one day until the release of The Protector’s Promise, I have just one question for you. Which hollywood hero would you choose to protect you and why? Eric Northman, the most ruthless vampire of them all? Thor because of his mighty hammer? Sir Lancelot, the greatest knight of all time?

Share your ultimate protector here and automatically be entered to win a signed paperback of the seventh installment of the bestselling Border Series, available September 13, 2018 for .99 for a limited time. Like the rest of the series, Protector’s is also in Kindle Unlimited and can be read as a standalone novel.

~Good luck~

Why Instagram is becoming my favorite social media platform

When it became apparent Instagram wasn’t going away, I was despondent. I’m not a photographer and had no real desire to become one. The images were all so pretty, and I knew I couldn’t compete. But I jumped in anyway, evolved my account over time, and now, two years later, it’s become my favorite social media site.


With a few simple tricks–namely VSCO–a consistent filter and a few basic photography tenants such as the importance of good lighting and the rule of thirds, I’ve been able to not only do my account justice but also connect with some amazing readers and writers. Unlike the other social media platforms, I’m actually able to see posts, and because of the nice photography aspect, it’s pretty to look at too. With stories, I can share exclusives such as the release date of my first PNR series or an first-look at an upcoming historical romance novel such as The Protector’s Promise where readers can get their first extended sample.

Are you on Instagram? If so, be sure to follow me and let you know you’re a reader so I can follow back! And if you’re not on Instagram, don’t let the pretty pictures dissuade you. Grab Snapseed, VSCO and start playing with both. Before long, you’ll be finding new authors and readers to enjoy.


The Protector’s Promise: Now Available on Pre-Order for .99

First appearing in the Ladies of the Stone anthology, the seventh book in the bestselling historical romance Border Series, ‘The Protector’s Promise’ is now releasing on its own September 13, 2018. Since many readers have a copy on their virtual bookshelves already, it is discounted during pre-order to .99 for those who wish to grab it with a brand new cover from the amazingly talented Kim Killion.

Unlike the other books in the series, Protector’s include just a *touch* of magic as Lady Marion is tasked with protecting the stone of Scotland. The only problem? Her nemisis, Sir William, aka ‘Court,’ an English knight, is mysteriously called to the stone as well. Marion is forced to choose between duty and love– which do you think she will choose? 🙂


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  1. I have read all these books and have them. Yes Medieval will always be my favorite time to read. You didn’t have Secret by Julie Garwood in this group of books. I was wondering if you have a P>O> Box so I could get you to sign my book labels for your books I bought of yours. I really would appreciate it.

    • Hi Debi…I LOVE The Secret and actually just re-read it recently. I will email you on the label. So glad you found my books and enjoyed!

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