Top 8 TV Shows to Get Your Medieval Fix


game of thrones

Game of Thrones

The one to rule them all, HBO has taken incredible source material and made it almost as spectacular. People who don’t watch Game of Thrones are not really my friends.




Thank the heaves Outlander returns to Starz this April. While not quite medieval, any show this well-done with castles and horses (and Sam Heughan) is a-ok in my book.


world without end

World Without End and Pillars of the Earth

Adaptions of Ken Follett’s books, I was lucky enough to catch these miniseries on Netflix at one point, but that ship has sailed. But they’re both absolutely worth a rental.


the tudors

The Tudors

Originally on Showtime, I binged-watched The Tudors on Netflix and sorely miss the antics of our favorite king of many wives, Henry VIII. Ok, I may miss Jonathan Rhys Meyers a tad too.


marco polo

Marco Polo

This Netflix original is set in the 13th century, smack dap in the middle ages perfect for medieval fans like me. I was thrilled the series renewed; it’s a visual masterpiece and highly entertaining. *Update* Season 3 canceled. UGH!


the last kingdom

The Last Kingdom

Ah, BBC, what would I do without you? Based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Last Kingdom Series (formerly The Warrior Chronicles/Saxon Stories) this show set in 872 England is a-mazing.




I have a fellow writer to thank for this gem. Set in 18th century Cornwall, England and based on the first two Poldark novels by Winston Graham, this show has it all (including Aidan Turner!)


Which of your favorite Medieval/Renaissance historical shows did I miss?

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