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  • Weekly Inspiration: Poldark, Rocking Self-Publishing, Summer Writing, Loki & Tony Robbins


    Thank you PBS for the birthday present (one day late.) On September 25th Poldark returns for season 2. I would like to officially thank Justine for this gem. A lover of all things period-drama, I can’t wait to reunite with Aiden Turner this Fall.



    Speaking of tall, dark and handsome, I picked up a new book this week. LOKI, the first book in Keira Montclair’s “The Highland Clan” series, promises to live up to it’s description of our hero: “Loki Grant is the wiliest, brawest, and most handsome warrior in existence.”

    Keira Montclair


    Although the below snippet is from BORDER REIVER, the first book in a yet unnamed series, I’m currently at the pinch point of book #2. I hit 56,510 words this morning and am loving this story so much. Which is exactly how I felt about book #1 before round after round of revisions made me yearn for a new set of characters. Enter Lady Catrina and Sir Bryce Waryn. More on them later…

    #SnippetSunday on Facebook

    #SnippetSunday on Facebook


    Taking advantage of the remnants of summer, I was able to sneak in some writing by the pool this week. Unfortunately the crisp morning air assures me this writing view’s days are numbered. *sigh*

    This week I’m listening to Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast and especially enjoyed episode # 40 – How to Write (a lot) More with Matt Ahlschlager

    Hit 45k this am. Woot!

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    If you follow me anywhere, you know I love Tony Robbins. “When you decide something is an absolute must for you…you say I’m gonna find the way or make the way…we all act consistent with who we believe we are.”

    If you only have a few minutes listen from 2:00- 9:00for some quick motivation. Break your own glass ceiling!

    What did you learn this week? Comment, tweet me…I’d love to connect.

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  • Blog Roundup for Authors: Social Media Marketing

    This week I’m sharing right from the source. The following are all articles I found valuable and shared to my social networks. As the social media marketer for my business, I tend to lean slightly to marketing this week but do share writing and publishing articles as well. Enjoy!


    In Other News

    I shared this past week but am so excited about it, I’ve decided to leave it up once again. Turn any blog post into a PDF friendly file. For example, if you’d like to send a free newsletter sign-up giveaway incentive, use Print-Friendly on a high-leverage post and voila!

    EX: I turned this post into the below PDF. (Only showing page one.)

    social media marketing


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