Her Voyager King

Her Voyager King

Kipp returned to Meria in the epic series conclusion.

I am no king.

Born a Voyager, the son of a mercenary, I’ve resisted the summons of a man who calls himself my father. I’ve resisted his pleas to accept my rightful place as Meria’s heir. I’ve resisted the norms that define men and women of the capital.

One thing I cannot resist? The wine merchant’s daughter.

I am no king, but nor will I forsake those who look to me to save them. With Castle d’Almerita under siege, the capital of Meria surrounded by forces vying to overthrow the man who gave me life, I journey south.

And meet Lilah along the way.

Stowing away aboard her father’s merchant ship, en route to a city under siege, Lilah and I find each other once again. This time, I do not mean to let her go. But when the king suggests a plan to end this bloody battle, I must choose between my Voyager ways—taking what I want, including Lilah—and saving the very kingdom I came here to protect.