A Clan of Her Own

Son of a Rogue

Book three in a brand new series!

“Bite me again, my lady, and I will show you how to do it properly.”

Theirs is not the friendliest of first meetings. Sent to rescue her from the king’s men holding her captive, Sir Rory Waryn of Bristol Manor is unprepared for the baron’s daughter to fight him. To treat him as if he were the enemy. To be uncharacteristically immune to his charms. But rescuing her is his mission, and by God’s teeth, he never fails a mission.

Until now.

The carefully laid plans of the Brotherhood—rescue Lady Freya, return her to her men with as little bloodshed as possible, and avoid the wrath of a vengeful king—unravel rapidly.

She fights Rory at every turn.

She refuses to retreat to Bristol Manor.

She asks for aid he cannot give.

The Waryns are already in King Edward’s crosshairs. Another wrong move and Rory’s father could end up as Freya’s did, with a noose around his neck courtesy of the very king of England himself.

Why, then, is Rory entertaining the lady’s demands instead of following the Brotherhood’s plan? The answer, he fears, is very thing he’s spent a lifetime avoiding.

Thirty years after the Border Series ends, a new saga of family, loyalty, and love along the turbulent Anglo-Scottish border begins.